Sugar Executive Gunawan Jusuf

As the leader and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Sugar Group Companies, the very accomplished Gunawan Jusuf has the duty of overseeing the operations of a diverse collection of companies that grow and refine sugar and produce a wide variety of sugar products that are among the most popular food products in all of

Aqua Insights: Gunawan Jusuf’s Expedition into Indonesia’s Water Challenges

Embarking on an intellectual expedition, Gunawan Jusuf, a renowned author and CEO of the Sugar Group Companies, unveils his latest literary creation, “Aqua Insights.” This in-depth exploration delves into the intricate challenges surrounding clean water availability in Indonesia, providing a nuanced perspective on the environmental landscape. Jusuf, a prominent figure in the Indonesian business sphere,

Blue Gold: Gunawan Jusuf’s Insightful Dive into Indonesia’s Water Crisis

In his newly released book, “Blue Gold,” Gunawan Jusuf, a respected author and CEO, unveils a comprehensive exploration of Indonesia’s water crisis. Jusuf’s expertise in the sugar cane industry lends a unique perspective to the challenges of ensuring clean water access. The book, adorned with nearly 100 images, meticulously examines the role of government policies