Accomplished Executive Gunawan Jusuf

It is perhaps Gunawan Jusuf’s proven ability to make sure every employee, subsidiary company and each of the various offices and plants are all working together that marks his greatest accomplishment as Sugar Group Companies’ leader. As the Chief Executive Officer of the group, he oversees a series of independent Indonesia-based companies that grow and

Sugar Executive Gunawan Jusuf

As the leader and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Sugar Group Companies, the very accomplished Gunawan Jusuf has the duty of overseeing the operations of a diverse collection of companies that grow and refine sugar and produce a wide variety of sugar products that are among the most popular food products in all of

Gunawan Jusuf’s Leadership in the Indonesian Business Landscape

Gunawan Jusuf has established himself as a prominent figure in the Indonesian business world, significantly contributing to the success of the Sugar Group Companies. Under his visionary leadership, the company has achieved remarkable growth in various food products, most notably Gulaku, a premium refined sugar brand that enjoys widespread recognition across Indonesia. The conglomerate also

Aqua Insights: Gunawan Jusuf’s Expedition into Indonesia’s Water Challenges

Embarking on an intellectual expedition, Gunawan Jusuf, a renowned author and CEO of the Sugar Group Companies, unveils his latest literary creation, “Aqua Insights.” This in-depth exploration delves into the intricate challenges surrounding clean water availability in Indonesia, providing a nuanced perspective on the environmental landscape. Jusuf, a prominent figure in the Indonesian business sphere,

Blue Gold: Gunawan Jusuf’s Insightful Dive into Indonesia’s Water Crisis

In his newly released book, “Blue Gold,” Gunawan Jusuf, a respected author and CEO, unveils a comprehensive exploration of Indonesia’s water crisis. Jusuf’s expertise in the sugar cane industry lends a unique perspective to the challenges of ensuring clean water access. The book, adorned with nearly 100 images, meticulously examines the role of government policies